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Get to know our staff
Jennifer Morris (Owner and Trainer):

    Jennifer has been working with animals her whole life! She always knew that she was going to have a career with animals, so she set aside half of every paycheck so one day she could open her own animal care center!
     After graduating high school, she held an internship at the Toledo Zoo in the Educational Animal Center. She then went on to study Animal Care and Pre-veterinary at Kent State University where she became a veterinary assistant at a nearby Animal Hospital in Talmadge, Ohio. It was not until moving back to Toledo that Jennifer realized her true calling: dog training and dog handling! She has been training dogs ever since! 
    She is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and strives to help others understand dogs and the way they think, learn and love!
Andrew Morris (Owner):

    Andrew was raised on a farm with many different animals: dogs, sheep, goats, cows, chickens and turkeys! So, he knows his way around a farm! Along with working with the dogs, Andrew raises our Chickens, Goats, Sheep and Ducks on the property!
    In 2010-2012 Andrew volunteered in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) spending two years in Israel. He can still speak some Hebrew (if you ask him nicely).
     Before owning Central Kennels, Andrew also ran his own Amazon Store. His previous managerial experience and his bubbly personality are invaluable to Central Kennels.
Mckenna (Trainer/Kennel Assistant):

    Hello, McKenna here! I am currently a trainer and kennel assistant here at Central Kennels and enjoy every minute! I love working with and learning about all kinds of animals, and like how many different species we have on our property! I have past experience volunteering and working at different types of animal care facilities including shelters, farms, and other boarding kennels. Before settling down back here in Toledo, I was also enrolled at Pennsylvania State University in their Veterinary and Biomedical Science program. Although I value everything I learned there, I decided that was not for me and came back home to regroup! Not only is my work and education centered around animals, but my free time is also spent mostly with animals as well! I have many pets of my own and joyfully foster those in need. I can’t wait to continue my dream every day and grow from here with Central Kennels and our wonderful clients!