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Central Kennels is family-owned and operated right here in Sylvania, OH. Since our company opened its doors in1965, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. 
We care about you and your dog. 

Our facility has individual inside and outside runs. Our facility is heated in the cold seasons and climate controlled/air conditioned in the warm months.  We also have an exercise yard that we let the dogs out to, up to 4 times a day weather permitting.  We pick who can go out with who based on energy and compatibility. Sometimes there are a few that go out by themselves if they are overly independent. All dogs get yard time so they get a chance to roam and run around the yard. They love it. It keeps the dogs calm and content. Best of all, there is no extra charge for exercise time.

We do have some runs that are large enough to keep two family dogs together if you want that.
We do not give discounts for multiple dogs since we don't charge extra for outing time.

We do require all dogs to be current on all vaccinations. These include: Distemper combination vaccination, Bordetella, Canine Influenza and Rabies vaccination. All vaccinations must be given at least 1 week prior to boarding, some of the vaccinations may need a longer incubation period check with your veterinarian for timing, 2 weeks is a good standard for most vaccinations.

We need a copy of your dogs current vaccination record  from your veterinarian.

You can bring your dog something to sleep on. They seem to thrive with something from home. A blanket or special toy gives them the feeling of home.
If you don't  bring them bedding we do provide a rug or towel for them to lay on. 

Our facility is cleaned daily and we strive to keep each run clean and fresh and provide clean fresh water to each dog daily. We also diffuse Young Living Essential Oils to keep the air fresh.  Find out more at: 

Contact us with any other questions. Thanks for stopping by our website.

We are BBB Accredited Business. Here is the link to view our review: